The summer camp for new recruits of the Class of 2022 opens

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After the successful holding of Chmaol’s first innovation conference, we have ushered in innovation forces. In 2021, fresh college students will officially join the company and start a series of induction training. Their arrival has added vitality to the company and injected into the rapid development of Chamol. Fresh blood. At 9:00 a.m. on July 17th, the 16 new graduates of Chamol Gear gathered together. Xia Weidong, the company’s training director presided over the opening ceremony. Zhang Ping, director of the Human Resources Department, Li Xifeng, the general director of military training, and Zhang Guodong, the representative of the 2021 class of outstanding students, participated in the opening ceremony. The military development training for college students in 2022 officially kicked off.

Expectations of the Director of Operations and Human Resources for college students

On the day of the opening of the camp, Minister Zhang expressed his welcome to the college students on behalf of Chamol, and also introduced Chamol’s achievements in recent years. Said to rely on the company’s innovative talent training orientation to formulate a series of “elite” training plans. I sincerely hope that college students: reset all past grades and academic qualifications, hone their will in training, accelerate the transformation from students to professionals in the workplace, closely follow the company’s high-quality development goals, strengthen their professionalism internally, and live up to their time. Experience and grow in work, become the professional technology and management elite of the enterprise, and promote the rapid development of the enterprise.

The flag-giving ceremony and the oath

At the end of the camp, the flag-raising and collective oath took place. The presentation of the flag is not only a ceremony but also a kind of responsibility of the flag in the presence of people and a determination to take responsibility and execute orders. Taking an oath is not a gesture but a kind of firmness.

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