The development trend of spiral bevel gear

Nowadays, spiral bevel gears have been widely used in industries such as automobiles, and the technology is relatively mature. However, with the integration of computer technology and intelligent manufacturing, and spiral bevel gear technology, there is still a lot of room for development in the design, processing, and testing of spiral bevel gear tooth surfaces. The main development directions are as follows:

1. Research on theory design

The design of high-order motion error curves, the reconstruction of existing numerical tooth surfaces based on discrete data points, and the optimal design of tooth surface structures using loading tooth contact analysis (LTCA) will be more and more applied to In the design of spiral bevel gears, it is used to reduce errors and improve transmission efficiency and stability. At the same time, a lot of software has been used in the design stage to carry out the dynamic analysis and simulation of the theoretical tooth surface. The results are used in the tooth surface correction of the actual processing of the spiral bevel gear, reducing the correction or trial cutting and other procedures, and improving Productivity and precision.

2. Manufacturing

With the emergence of CNC Full-Form machine tools and the popularization of CNC processing methods, the optional range of processing parameters is becoming more extensive and flexible. It provides more possibilities for developing and manufacturing new gears and the opportunity for various complex tooth surface modifications and tooth surface error compensation. The maturity and popularization of CNC machine tools and the emergence and improvement of network-based CAX Computer-aided technologies and its software platform will also prompt various manufacturers to set up their closed-loop manufacturing systems.

3. Application

In terms of the spiral bevel gear application, extreme-sized spiral bevel gears (such as super-large spiral bevel gears and micro-nano gears used in large energy machinery), high-speed spiral bevel gears, and low-vibration and noise spiral bevel gears will become the critical direction of development.

4. Heat treatment

In terms of heat treatment, exploring the clean heat treatment process and the tooth surface hardening technology of extreme size spiral bevel gears, the induction hardening technology of giant modulus spiral bevel gears along the tooth profile, and traditional heat treatment, computer, and intelligent manufacturing technologies are all future spiral gears key development directions.

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