The 2000-ton hot die forging equipment was successfully put into production

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Forging is the most common blank-forming process in the production of bevel gears. With the continuous development of Chamol and the transformation and upgrading of the product structure, the 2000-ton hot die forging press was introduced into the company’s introduction process. After the equipment was confirmed, the technicians upgraded and improved the mold base, adding guide posts and sleeves, thereby improving the mold clamping accuracy. After the equipment is returned to the factory for installation and debugging, the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer organizes special training, from equipment maintenance to specific production operations.

After a series of careful preparations, the hot die forging equipment costing 1.6 million US dollars was officially put into production in February next year. It is mainly used for medium and large-displacement gear forging. Features, so that our high-precision product position assurance ability to a new level, to provide customers with more high-quality products.

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