Chamol's Welfare

In a peaceful and harmonious society, Chamol has achieved outstanding results. Focusing on giving back to the community, we devote ourselves to social welfare undertakings with sincere public welfare, actively carry out volunteer activities, assist people in need, do our best to make society fairer, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.


Chamol regards supporting the development of culture and education as an essential part of fulfilling its social responsibilities, actively donates and subsidizes schools, and focuses on small-scale rural schools, intervenes in the countryside with schooling, and incubates the “Story Field” children’s philosophy charity project, Eaton Academy, and upcycle abandoned Projects such as the reengineering of materials, hoping to focus on promoting rural education in the way of “cutting peaks and filling valleys” and narrowing the regional cultural education gap.

Volunteer activity

Chamol plays the role of a bridge and a link that encourages employees to carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, builds a platform for employees’ voluntary actions, organizes employees to participate in various support activities, and continuously gives back to society. It is also the embodiment of our corporate values so that employees know well to give back to others while achieving themselves.

Community building

Chamol actively participates in constructing communities where the company is located and is committed to helping local communities improve their public services and management levels and develop community-specific industries. We will arrange a fixed budget every year for the greening and road construction of the community. During the festival, we will give gifts to the elderly and children in the community. In terms of community development, we actively put forward suggestions for harmonious development and provide necessary assistance.