Health and safety

Safety production management

Security check

Carry out safety production inspection activities, including inspections of key and vital parts (electrical stations, air compressor stations, boiler rooms, etc.) and special inspections (electrical, natural gas, hazardous chemicals, production sites, and special equipment); professional personnel is assigned to conduct cross-checks between units and departments, from the validity period and reliability of equipment safety accessories In terms of nature, it ensures zero-accident operation of key and vital parts.

Production safety education

Carry out three-level safety education for all employees at the company level, workshop, and team.The training rate is 100%; an average of 23 safety, environmental protection, and occupational health training sessions are carried out each year. Safety management knowledge training and answer examinations are conducted for managers and safety managers. All 105 people holding safety management certificates pass the assessment.

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Occupational health management

For work areas prone to occupational diseases, we hire professional inspection agencies twice a year to monitor and evaluate and announce the results to employees. We will provide employees with sufficient and high-quality labor protection supplies following legal requirements, including gloves, helmets, work shoes, protective clothing, goggles, earplugs, and masks. Establish health records for all workshop employees, organize physical examinations for employees twice a year, and archive all health records and physical examination data.

“Health and safety are the foundation of our long-term development and our commitment to all employees.”

Zhang Lianghua

Environmental protection management

Chamol regularly monitors environmental indicators such as wastewater, exhaust gas, noise, and hazardous waste every year to ensure that the company’s various indicators meet the emission standards. We have repeatedly won the “resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise” and “advanced environmental management unit” honor.


The company has set up sewage treatment stations and installed an online monitoring system following environmental protection requirements. The average wastewater treatment capacity of the sewage station is 250,000m³/d, and the sewage discharge after treatment is in line with the second level of the “Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard.”

Harmful gas

Our boilers use natural gas as fuel to prevent the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The shot blasting process is carried out in a closed equipment, which has its own dust collector, and the iron dust is discharged after being treated by a cyclone filter element dust collector. For parts that need to be painted, we use water-based paint and adsorption processes to reduce the concentration of harmful gases generated during painting.

Hazardous Waste

For hazardous waste generated in the production process, we use an electronic transfer system following the the “Solid Waste Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Standardized Management of Solid Wastes” to ensure that all hazardous wastes are handed over to professional waste cleaning agencies. Hazardous wastes have continuously improved The identification of the storage site and the management system of the ledger.