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Quality Policy

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Excellence in Gears

On the path of gear manufacturing, we uphold a steadfast commitment to exceptional quality. We recognize that gears, as the core of mechanical transmission, significantly influence the performance and reliability of entire systems. Therefore, our quality policy revolves around exquisite craftsmanship, continuous innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In the journey of gear manufacturing, we navigate by the compass of exquisite craftsmanship, continuous innovation, and customer satisfaction. We pledge that each gear embodies our resolute quest for superior quality, forging a solid foundation for customer success and trust.

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Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every gear is a piece of art, a result of exquisite craftsmanship. Throughout our manufacturing process, we strictly adhere to meticulous procedures, from the selection of raw materials to the final assembly. Each step is carefully honed, driven by our artisan spirit, to pursue perfection in every detail. This ensures that each gear reflects the pinnacle of precision and stability.

Continuous Innovation

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, our desire for innovation remains unwavering. We invest significant resources in research and development, as well as the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies, to continually enhance gear performance and quality. Whether it’s material selection, processing techniques, or surface treatments, we seek the latest and optimal solutions to address ever-changing market demands.

Customer Satisfaction

Our purpose lies in providing customers with the highest quality gear products. Therefore, customer satisfaction remains our paramount benchmark. We actively listen to customer needs and feedback, placing customers at the center of every production aspect. This ensures that our gears seamlessly integrate into their applications, delivering exceptional performance and value.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We firmly believe that quality is an ongoing pursuit. We have established a rigorous quality control system, subjecting each gear to stringent inspection and testing. Simultaneously, we gather and analyze data to identify improvement opportunities, ensuring our manufacturing processes and product quality continually progress and elevate.

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Quality control process

At every stage of gear production, we rigorously adhere to the following quality control processes to ensure product consistency and reliability.

Material inspection

We source high-quality raw materials from reliable suppliers. Prior to the forging process, we conduct chemical property inspections to ensure that the materials fully meet product requirements. After forging, we perform physical property and dimensional assessments, including ultrasonic testing.

Metal Composition Spectral Analysis Chart

Production process inspection

During the machining process, each node will be inspected, with a primary focus on the aspects of shape and geometric dimensions, to ensure that the gears meet the design specifications.

Gear Grinding Burn Detection

Heat treatment control

We have a standalone heat treatment center that enables us to carry out diversified heat treatment on materials and gears internally, while rigorously controlling the heat treatment process to enhance gear hardness and wear resistance.

bevel gear heat treatment

Gear processing and assembly inspection

We conduct multiple tests such as gear tooth count, gear meshing, and among them, the two most critical inspection aspects are noise and vibration testing, ensuring the transmission performance of the gears.

spiral bevel gear meshing inspection,machine

Final product inspection

After production is completed, we conduct comprehensive performance testing to ensure that the product fully meets the requirements. In addition to testing the quality of the gears, this also includes checks on packaging, gear numbering, and the logo.

inspection bevel gear