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Straight bevel gear is one type of bevel gear, and it’s a common gear type in mechanical transmission devices. Unlike the familiar spur gears, the axis of straight bevel gears is not parallel but intersects at a point, most commonly at a 90-degree angle. Due to this intersecting axis structure and motion, it falls under the category of “bevel gear.” In contrast to spiral bevel gears, the teeth of straight bevel gears have a linear shape, earning them the name “straight” bevel gears. The meshing of teeth in straight bevel gears is direct contact, not progressive engagement, leading to louder noise and more wear compared to spiral bevel gears. As a result, they are not suitable for applications requiring high precision and low noise but are simpler to manufacture.

China leading custom straight bevel gear manufacturer

Chamol has extensive experience and expertise in custom manufacturing straight bevel gears. To meet your various applications and order sizes, we offer diverse production methods for gear shaping, including hobbing, milling, and shaping for cutting processes. For large-scale applications such as gears used in differentials, we employ forging production for high-volume orders. In cases where extremely large-sized gears are impractical for cutting processes, we utilize casting production. Regardless of your procurement needs or product quantities, we can provide the most suitable production method tailored to your requirements, offering you a personalized and perfect solution.

We also excel in large-scale production, for example, straight bevel gears for corn harvesters, with a monthly production capacity of up to 15,000 sets.

If you are looking for a reliable custom manufacturer of straight bevel gears, contact us now.

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straight cut bevel gears
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straight tooth bevel gear

Why customize straight bevel gears from Chamol?

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We employ advanced gear cutting and gear surface grinding techniques to ensure the highest level of precision and quality in the production of straight bevel gears.

Customization Capability

Our production capacity allows us to provide tailor-made solutions according to specific application requirements, ensuring the best match for performance and compatibility.

Skilled Team

Our team, composed of experienced engineers and technicians, possesses extensive knowledge in gear manufacturing, ensuring the reliable and efficient production of gear sets.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control measures are integrated throughout the entire production process, from material selection to final inspection, ensuring that each gear meets or exceeds industry standards.

Timely Delivery

Our efficient production processes and meticulous supply chain management enable us to deliver products on time, meeting the production schedule requirements of our customers.

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