spur gear

Spur gear is the most widely used type of gear in the field of mechanical transmission. It is a type of cylindrical gear, having a cylindrical shape and is also known as straight-tooth gear. However, to distinguish it from the straight tooth bevel gear, we refer to it more accurately as spur gear. The teeth of spur gear stand upright in the direction of the gear axis, with each tooth parallel to the axis, forming a straight line along the surface of the gear. The simple design of spur gear makes its manufacturing relatively easy. Among various subdivided gear types, the influence of spur gear is ubiquitous, seen in internal gears, shaft gears, gear racks, where their teeth can be designed in the manner of spur gear. However, helical gear can also be similarly reflected in these gear types.

China leading custom spur gear manufacturer

Chamol is a leading custom manufacturer of spur gears in China. We utilize advanced equipment and technology for integrated in-house production, including material forging, turning, hobbing, heat treatment, and grinding. As a leader in the gear manufacturing industry, we take pride in delivering high-quality solutions for spur gear transmissions.

With our robust manufacturing capabilities, we can meet your diverse requirements for materials, dimensions, precision, and shapes. Choosing us means not only receiving top-quality products but also benefiting from the technical support and comprehensive after-sales service provided by our experienced engineering team.

Custom spur gear manufacturing capacity

  • Grinding accuracy up to DIN class 3.
  • Maximum pitch diameter up to 2500mm.
  • Small batch production with a MOQ of 1 piece.
  • Capable of producing any pressure angle.
  • Various manufacturing methods: CNC turning, CNC milling, hobbing, shaping, polishing, forging, and more.
spur gear
cylindrical gears, custom spur gears
cylindrical gears, custom spur gears
cylindrical gears, custom spur gears
cylindrical gears, custom spur gears

Types of spur gears we manufacture

common spur gear

Common spur gear

spur pinion gear

Spur pinion gear

spur ring gear

Spur ring gear

internal spur gear

Internal spur gear

Why customize spur gears from Chamol?

Precision customization

Each project is unique, and we understand the significance of customization. That’s why we are committed to tailoring the most suitable spur gears specifically to your needs, ensuring seamless integration with your overall design.

Material versatility

Catering to various working environments and application requirements, we offer a range of material options including high-strength alloy steel, stainless steel, and more. This ensures durability and reliability of the gears.

Advanced manufacturing

Employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining and precision grinding, we ensure each spur gear achieves high precision and exceptional performance.

Engineering support

Our team boasts extensive mechanical engineering expertise, providing you with professional advice to ensure your design excels in all aspects.

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