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Splines is not a type of mechanical component; rather, it’s a specific shape machined onto mechanical parts, typically in the form of keyways or grooves. There are two types of splines: internal spline and external spline. As the names suggest, the internal spline is located on the inner side of a part, while the external spline is on the outer side. If the dimensions match, internal and external splines can be connected through nesting, facilitating the connection, torque transmission, and alignment of two components. Spline shaft is a shaft that features splines, with keyways cut into the shaft at locations where connection with other components is required. Typically, the splines on a spline shaft are external.

spline shaft

China leading custom spline shaft manufacturer

Chamol is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spline shafts in China. We are equipped with modern production equipments suitable for cutting different types and sizes of spline shafts. This enables us to adopt different manufacturing methods to meet the diverse requirements of customers for spline shafts, including CNC milling, CNC turning, broaching, hobbing, wire cutting, polishing, grinding, and more. At Chamol, we can customize the production of high-quality spline shafts using efficient and precise CNC machines, as well as provide flexible detail control through manual operation on conventional equipments.

Our engineers place a high value on collaboration and effective communication with customers. We have extensive experience in meeting the most challenging shape dimensions and strict tolerances. We customize tools and fixtures for different types of splines to perfectly custom manufacture the spline shafts to your needs. Additionally, our engineering team assists in analyzing or improving existing designs and provides recommendations for new designs.

Types of splines we maufacture

Involute spline – The cross-section of the involute spline is trapezoidal, with the width at the base different from the width at the top. Typically, the base is wider than the top. This design facilitates easier installation and removal, contributing to improved self-centering effects.

Serration spline – Serration spline, also known as curve involute spline, crowned spline, or triangular spline, features a cross-sectional profile in a curved shape. In comparison to other types of splines, it mitigates issues related to stress concentration, and its design is effective in saving space, making it particularly suitable for smaller diameter spline shafts.

Straight sided spline – Straight sided spline, also known as rectangular spline or parallel key, typically has a cross-sectional profile in a rectangular shape with straight sides. The design of a straight sided spline requires more space, provides high torque-carrying capacity, and is commonly used for larger diameter spline shafts. During installation, achieving automatic alignment with a straight sided spline can be more challenging, requiring additional adjustments.

spline shaft

Chamol's spline shaft manufacturing capability

  • Splines, shafts, and gears are strictly manufactured according to your drawing requirements.
  • Shaft outer diameter: 15mm – 280mm.
  • Meeting the tightest tolerance of +/-0.002mm.
  • Total length: up to 3600mm.
  • Manufacturing in both imperial and metric units.
  • Meeting any pressure angle requirements.
  • Milling, hobbing, wire cutting, gear rolling, broaching, grinding, electrical discharge machining (EDM), polishing.
  • Heat-treated surface hardness: 58HRC – 62HRC.
  • Gear shaft types: spur gear shaft, helical gear shaft, bevel gear shaft, and combination gear shaft.

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