spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear is one of various types of bevel gear. As the name suggests, “spiral” refers to the way its teeth extend in a spiral manner, not extending from the axis directly. A complete tooth has a curved spiral shape. It is also referred to as a “spiral bevel gear set” because it is composed of a wheel gear and a pinion gear, with their teeth spiraling in opposite directions. This design enables the gears to gradually engage in a helical manner, effectively reducing noise and impact, improving smoothness, and extending the lifespan of the transmission. Theoretically, a spiral bevel gear set consists of two separate gears. However, in practical design and production, the wheel gear and pinion gear should be considered as a whole, requiring coordinated production rather than separate manufacturing.


China leading spiral bevel gear manufacturer

Chamol has over 50 years of experience in custom manufacturing spiral bevel gears and stands as one of the most competitive manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our engineering, production, and quality inspection teams possess extensive expertise and industry experience, allowing us to deeply understand customer requirements. Regardless of your technical specifications, we can provide an ideal solution in a short timeframe.

Furthermore, we are equipped with a large number of equipment for producing and inspecting spiral bevel gears, maintaining a leading position in the industry in terms of both advanced technology and quantity. This includes equipment such as the Gleason Phoenix 280CX cutter, Gleason 600HC spiral bevel gear cutter, Gleason 800G spiral bevel gear grinder, Gleason 275G spiral bevel gear grinder, Gleason MM1500 Gear Measurement Center, Zeiss CMM, and more.

Manufacturing capability

  • Custom manufacturing spiral bevel gears according to drawings
  • Grinding accuracy up to DIN class 3
  • Module range: 1 – 38
  • Milling teeth pitch diameter up to 1720mm
  • Grinding teeth pitch diameter up to 1600mm
  • Reverse engineering based on samples.
  • From prototype manufacturing to large-scale production


If you have custom spiral bevel gear requirements, please feel free to contact us.

spiral bevel gear set
custom spiral bevel gear set, steel bevel gears
custom spiral bevel gear set, steel bevel gears
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custom spiral bevel gear set, steel bevel gears

Why custom manufacturing spiral bevel gears from Chamol?

High torques and high-speed

Chamol has been serving China’s military, aerospace, and various industrial sectors with strict requirements for gear transmission systems for over 50 years.

Better accuracy

We are equiped with 17 spiral bevel gear grinders, including 6 Gleason Phoenix 275G & 800G. All of our workers are experienced and industry certified. The spiral bevel gear sets produced after grinding can typically achieve DIN Class 3.

Wide production range

We can produce spiral bevel gear sets up to 38 modules, with a maximum diameter of 2200mm, and there are no restrictions on the materials and heat treatment methods required by our customers.

Longer service life

We only use raw materials from well-known steel mills to forge the gear blanks, and each process undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that our spiral bevel gear sets can serve various industries for a longer period.

Lower noise

With every pair of spiral bevel gear sets produced in our factory, you will only hear the sound of wind even when they are meshing and rotating at speeds of up to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

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