shaft gear

Shaft gear is a mechanical component that combines both the gear part and the shaft part. It can be understood as a shaft equipped with gear, and it is machined as a single integrated unit, not assembled. The shaft gear consists of two main parts: one part serves as the shaft used for installing or connecting other components, such as mounting bearings or cutting spline either at the tail end or in the middle section; the gear part is typically either spur gears or helical gears, and it can also include bevel gears.

China leading custom shaft gear manufacturer

Chamol is a professional custom gear manufacturing company based in China. In the field of custom manufacturing high-quality shaft gears, we bring decades of industry experience and a wealth of accumulated knowledge. With the rapid advancement of industrial technology, there is a growing demand for integrated production techniques in the shaft gear sector. In the fields of integrated forging, mechanical machining, and heat treatment of raw materials, our production methods and specialized knowledge have consistently stayed at the forefront and are marked by continuous innovation.

In many instances, you may require specific dimensions or unique shapes, but conventional machinery from many manufacturers may not be equipped to handle them. However, at Chamol, this is not an issue. We are equipped with modern CNC and manual machining equipment suitable for a variety of sizes. This enables us to perform versatile operations such as turning, tooth cutting, grinding, spline cutting, and slotting. Whether it’s large-scale production or the manufacturing of individual samples, we can meet your requirements. Built on a foundation of innovation, professionalism, and adaptability, we are dedicated to providing highly customized solutions for shaft gears.

Shaft gear manufacturing capacibility

  • Our capability extends to the integrated forging of shaft gears with lengths of up to 4300mm.
  • Grinding accuracy up to DIN Class 3.
  • We employ a range of machining processes, including turning, milling, gear hobbing, shaping, wire EDM, surface grinding, and tooth grinding.
  • We specialize in the assembly of bearings and the integration of shaft gears with other components.
  • Choose from a diverse range of materials to suit your specific requirements.
  • We design and manufacture dedicated tools and fixtures tailored to your unique specifications.
  • Experience the flexibility of selecting from a variety of heat treatment methods to meet the specific needs of your shaft gears.
shaft gear, pinion gear

Types of shaft gears we manufacture

helical shaft gear

Helical shaft gerar

spur pinion gear

Spur shaft gear

bevel shaft gear

Bevel shaft gear

shaft gear
shaft gear
shaft gear
shaft gear

Why customize shaft gear from chamol?

High Quality and Precision

Our production process emphasizes precision and quality control, ensuring that gear shaft dimensions and geometries meet strict standards. This contributes to the precise meshing and efficient operation of gear shafts within gear transmission systems.

Material Selection and Techniques

We prioritize materials with attributes like wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high strength, ensuring that gear shafts can withstand varying loads and environmental conditions. Advanced heat treatment and surface finishing techniques are employed to enhance gear shaft durability and lifespan.

Customization Capability

We have the ability to customize gear shafts based on customer requirements and application needs, including parameters such as length, diameter, tooth count, and bearing locations. This customization capability allows us to provide tailored solutions for different applications.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We utilize advanced machining and manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining, heat treatment, surface coatings, etc., to ensure that gear shaft accuracy and performance reach optimal levels.

Durability and Reliability

Through rigorous quality control and testing processes, we ensure the production of durable and reliable gear shafts, capable of withstanding prolonged high-load operating environments.

Technical Support and Consultation

We offer professional technical support and consultation to assist customers in selecting appropriate gear shaft solutions and providing guidance in design, manufacturing, and application aspects.

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