ring gear

Ring gear is a cylindrical gear with a circular ring shape, and its teeth are distributed along the circumference, either on the inside or outside of the circular ring. If the teeth are on the outside of the circumference, it is known as an external ring gear, and if the teeth are on the inside, it is called an internal ring gear. It engages with other gears to transmit power.

China leading custom ring gear manufacturer

Since 1968, Chamol has been a leading custom manufacturer of gears and ring gears in China. Our team has extensive industry experience and professional knowledge, crafting precision ring gears with strict tolerances according to your specifications. We can produce intricately designed products with complex shapes and sizes.

We operate two systems for producing high-quality ring gears. One of the systems is designed for precision equipment, producing high-precision ring gears through processes like forging raw blanks, precise gear cutting, and tooth grinding to deliver high-quality products, with accuracy up to DIN class 3; The other system is designed for large-scale machinery such as mining, metallurgy, and power generation, producing large-sized casted ring gears with a maximum diameter of 4200mm. Whether you need high-precision precision ring gears or large casted ones, we adhere to strict quality control systems to meet all your requirements, including precision and performance.

  • Diameter Range: 90mm to 4300mm
  • Diameter Range: 90mm to 4300mm
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
  • Average Delivery Time: 30 days

Application fields:

  • Power transmission systems for aircraft, helicopters, and spacecraft
  • Automotive differentials and gearboxes
  • Cone crushers used in the mining industry
  • Planetary gearboxes
  • Mixers for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and paper
  • Wind turbines, hydraulic generators, compressors
  • Connection between engines and axles in rail transportation
  • Military applications
Internal Gear Ring

Types of ring gears we manufacture

spur ring gear

Spur ring gear

helical ring gear

Helical ring gear

internal ring gear

Internal ring gear

external ring gear

External ring gear

internal gear, ring gear
internal gear, ring gear
internal gear, ring gear
internal gear, ring gear

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