helical gear

Helical gear is a type of cylindrical gear widely used in the field of mechanical transmission. From an external perspective, it shares a commonality with all cylindrical gears, namely, an overall cylindrical shape. However, unlike spur gears where the teeth are parallel to the axis, helical gears have teeth with an inclination angle. This means there is an angle formed between the helical gear’s tooth’s extension line and the axis. By adjusting this inclination angle to make it parallel to the axis, it transforms into a spur gear.

The teeth of a helical gear are designed at an angle. Compared to gear types with direct engagement, its transmission effect is smoother, effectively reducing impact and noise generated during engagement. This contributes to improving equipment stability and reducing operational noise. The helical design also minimizes friction losses, leading to enhanced transmission efficiency and greater torque transmission capacity compared to direct engagement. Therefore, helical gears are more suitable for applications requiring substantial torque transmission, such as mechanical transmission systems and industrial machinery.

China leading custom helical gear manufacturer

Chamol is a leading Chinese custom manufacturer of helical gears, dedicated to providing global customers with high-precision custom helical gear solutions. We accumulated abundant experience and knowledge during decades of operating. Coupled with an innovative team, we can meet diverse customer needs in the field of gear transmission through our advanced technological capabilities and manufacturing expertise. Whether you have requirements related to custom production, industry applications, technical details, or professional support, we can provide prompt responses and satisfactory solutions.

High-precision manufacturing

Our gear tooth grinding technology and equipment have consistently remained at the forefront of the industry, enabling the production of high-precision helical gears suitable for aerospace and defense applications. The highest accuracy up to DIN Class 3.

Strong custom capability

We specialize in custom gear production, with the ability to customize helical gears with a maximum pitch diameter of 2500mm. Through a flexible production process, we can rapidly manufacture gears to meet various requirements in terms of shape, size, accuracy, and materials. Whether you need a single gear or large-scale production, we can fulfill your needs.

Stringent quality control

Equipped with a professional gear measurement center, we utilize state-of-the-art gear measurement equipment, including the Ziss CMM, Gleason 1500GM measurer,  Sinpo JVB400 vision measurement system, and so on. We can internally perform all measurements related to gear dimensions, accuracy, materials, hardness, noise, and flaw detection.

Swift delivery

We maintain sensitivity to customer demands, saving time at every production stage to minimize your waiting time. Our workforce and equipment operate on a 16×7 rotation schedule. In urgent situations where delivery deadlines are critical, we can achieve continuous and uninterrupted production.

helical gear

Types of helical gears we manufacture

common helical gear

Common helical gear

helical herringbone gear

Helical herringbone gear

helical pinion gear

Helical pinion gear

helical ring gear

Helical ring gear

helical shaft gear

Helical shaft gear

internal helical gear

Internal helical gear

spline helical gear

Spline helical gear

cylindrical gears, helical gears
cylindrical gears, helical gears
cylindrical gears, helical gears
cylindrical gears, helical gears

Why customize helical gears from Chamol?

Personalized Customization

We specialize in custom manufacturing helical gears to meet the diverse demands of our clients. This includes gear dimensions, tooth count, module, and other parameters. This capability allows us to design and produce gears tailored to various applications, satisfying each client’s unique requirements.

Adaptation to Complex Transmission Demands

Our produced helical gears excel in addressing complex transmission needs, such as angular displacement transmission, high torque transfer, high-speed transmission, and more. Over the years, we’ve provided custom services to over 200 industrial companies spanning various industries.

Performance Optimization

Through customized design and manufacturing, we can optimize the performance of gears for specific applications. For instance, adjustments to gear tooth profiles, helix angles, and tooth widths can result in improved transmission efficiency, reduced noise, and extended operational lifespan.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Our production facility boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and follows systematic production processes and quality inspection systems. This emphasis on detail and quality ensures our production process maintains a consistent high-quality standard, delivering end products of unparalleled quality.

Technical Support and Collaboration

Collaborating closely with clients on customized design and production processes forms the foundation of our strong partnerships. We provide professional technical support, aiding clients in optimizing designs and addressing any potential challenges that may arise.

Innovation and Competitive Edge

Our corporate culture encourages innovation. By closely collaborating with clients, we foster the development of novel gear designs and solutions, empowering clients to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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