Ground spiral bevel gear set

Spiral bevel gears require grinding of the tooth surface during the production process, it typically carried out after heat treatment. The grinding process effectively eliminates slight deformations that may occur on the tooth surface during heat treatment, thereby enhancing precision, improving surface smoothness, and reducing noise and vibration. Grinding is particularly crucial for applications involving prolonged periods of high loads. Ground spiral bevel gears and those that have not exhibit significant differences in terms of transmission efficiency, service life, noise, vibration, and other aspects.

China leading custom ground spiral bevel gear manufacturer

Unless otherwise specified, all the spiral bevel gears we manufacture undergo grinding. We have a substantial number of state-of-the-art bevel gear grinding machines, including three Gleason 800G spiral bevel gear grinders, three Gleason 275G spiral bevel gear grinders, and one ZDCY YK20160 spiral bevel gear grinder. These machines support tooth surface grinding with a maximum diameter of up to 1600mm, achieving the highest precision of DIN class 4.


Better accuracy

We achieve the highest accuracy of DIN class 4, with standard accuracy ranging from DIN class 5 to DIN class 6. This maintains a leading position among peers where the general highest accuracy is DIN class 6.

Silent Operation

Even with high-precision gears, there may be less-than-ideal noise and vibration data. We conduct noise and vibration tests on every set of gears we produce to ensure an overall improvement in equipment efficiency after you installing our products. 


Based on feedback from customers over the years, our ground spiral bevel gear sets exhibit superior performance in operation. One crucial aspect is their longer working life, especially during continuous and prolonged operation, our products are more reliable.

grinding spiral bevel gear
ground tooth spiral bevel gear, steel bevel gear
ground tooth spiral bevel gear, steel bevel gear
ground tooth spiral bevel gear, steel bevel gear
ground tooth spiral bevel gear, steel bevel gear

Why custom manufacturing ground spiral bevel gear sets from Chamol?

Excellent Quality Assurance

Choosing us means choosing not just high-quality gears but an assurance of excellence. With advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control, we ensure that every pair of gears you receive not only meets but exceeds your quality requirements. Additionally, we provide a quality guarantee of up to 12 months for all gears we produce.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to offering competitive prices and providing customers with products that offer great value. Through continuous optimization of production processes and the adoption of efficient manufacturing technologies, we closely collaborate and explore with suppliers in areas including materials, logistics, and packaging to achieve maximum cost reduction. This allows customers to obtain our high-quality products at minimal costs.

Professional Technical Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable technical team is ready to provide support whenever you need it. Whether it’s product selection, application consultation, or after-sales service, we approach each with a professional attitude, offering efficient solutions to provide comprehensive technical support for you.

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