Chamol offers diversified services in the field of gear transmission, including gear design, component assembly, and gearbox manufacturing.

heavy duty gearbox

Bevel gear designing

When you come up with a bevel gear concept and want to turn it into a product, Chamol is your best choice.

As a manufacturer and service provider of bevel gears, during its decades of service, Chamol’s engineering team has continuously explored the design and production requirements of bevel gears in different industries and application environments. We use our rich knowledge reserves and powerful equipment Capability through the comprehensive control of various key factors such as concept, design, prototype, verification, mass production and end application, carry out integrated product development and involve customers in it.

The R&D + manufacturing service method can bring the function, reliability and stability of the bevel gear into full play in different scenarios. At the same time, we can maximize the cost savings for customers.

bevel gear designing

Design & Development

Feasibility Analysis

Sample Production

Mass Production

Components & assembling

Gear transmission is a system that needs to work with many components. In some cases, gears need to face a complex mechanical structure. The quality and installation method of gear components will directly affect the performance and life of the gear drive system. At the same time, it will also affect the machine’s performance. Therefore, we attach great importance to the compatibility and performance matching of gears and other components.

Chamol is not only an excellent bevel gear manufacturer and service provider, but we are also more willing to make efforts for the reliability and stability of your gear transmission system. To ensure this, we have full cooperation and academic exchanges with the relevant industries, and for some of these parts, we can process and manufacture them in-house. When you need it, we can match you with the most suitable components in the most cost-effective way and install and test them.



OEM Heavy duty gearbox

Since 1970, Chamol has been developing and manufacturing gearboxes for China’s national defense and aerospace industries. Since 2018, Chamol has gradually accepted the business of commercial gearbox development and customization. Our service methods are divided into two types: 1. According to the customer’s original gearbox design, we will make suggestions for improvement when necessary; 2. According to the customer’s actual needs, Chamol’s team conducts the research, development, and design of the gearbox For small-scale or mass production. Whether you have a single set or high-volume gearbox needs, you will get the most efficient and cost-effective solution at Chamol.

OEM custom gearboxes range:

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