Custom helical gear

Helical gear (also known as helical cylindrical gear) is a type of cylindrical gear in which the gear tooth surfaces are not perpendicular to the axis but are inclined at a certain angle. Helical gears can have different types of tooth profiles such as straight, helical, and curved. The angle between the gear tooth surface and the axis is referred to as the helix angle.

Due to the inclined tooth surfaces, helical gears reduce impacts and vibrations during engagement, resulting in smoother transmission. This leads to higher transmission efficiency and a reduction in bearing loads during the transmission process.

helical gear

Why customize helical gears from Chamol?

Personalized Customization

We specialize in custom manufacturing helical gears to meet the diverse demands of our clients. This includes gear dimensions, tooth count, module, and other parameters. This capability allows us to design and produce gears tailored to various applications, satisfying each client’s unique requirements.

Adaptation to Complex Transmission Demands

Our produced helical gears excel in addressing complex transmission needs, such as angular displacement transmission, high torque transfer, high-speed transmission, and more. Over the years, we’ve provided custom services to over 200 industrial companies spanning various industries.

Performance Optimization

Through customized design and manufacturing, we can optimize the performance of gears for specific applications. For instance, adjustments to gear tooth profiles, helix angles, and tooth widths can result in improved transmission efficiency, reduced noise, and extended operational lifespan.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Our production facility boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and follows systematic production processes and quality inspection systems. This emphasis on detail and quality ensures our production process maintains a consistent high-quality standard, delivering end products of unparalleled quality.

Technical Support and Collaboration

Collaborating closely with clients on customized design and production processes forms the foundation of our strong partnerships. We provide professional technical support, aiding clients in optimizing designs and addressing any potential challenges that may arise.

Innovation and Competitive Edge

Our corporate culture encourages innovation. By closely collaborating with clients, we foster the development of novel gear designs and solutions, empowering clients to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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