cylindrical gears

Custom manufacturing spur gear, helical gear, ring gear, herringbone gear and gear shaft.

As China’s leading custom gear manufacturer & supplier, Chamol aims to provide the most reliable and cost-effective high precision gears.

cylindrical gears, helical gears

Spur gear

Chamol can manufacture spur gears with a maximum outer diameter of 2500mm and can also perform gear tooth grinding. The highest precision achievable is up to DIN Class 4 standards.

spur gear

Helical gear

We are capable of producing helical gears with a maximum module of 45, and the maximum grinding helix angle is 45°.

helical gear

Shaft gear

Chamol manufactures shaft gears with a maximum face width of 1480mm, including both spur tooth and helical tooth. The gear grinding precision can achieve DIN Class 4.

shaft gear

Ring gear

Chamol custom spur ring gear, helical ring gear, internal ring gear and external ring gear.

ring gear


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