Custom spiral bevel gear set

Chamol is dedicated to custom manufacturing high-quality spiral bevel gear sets for various industries. Our engineering team has extensive experience and expertise to tailor premium spiral bevel gears according to your unique requirements.

We respect and understand your design and application needs, and we can fully accommodate a wide range of requirements in gear dimensions, gear ratios, and material selection to meet your specific transmission needs.

Whether you require custom spiral bevel gear sets for industrial machinery, automotive applications, aerospace, mining, or other fields, we can provide you with professional, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements and let us offer you the best spiral bevel gear solution.

spiral bevel gear set

Why customize spiral bevel gears from Chamol?

high torques and high-speed

Chamol has been serving China’s military, aerospace, and various industrial sectors with strict requirements for gear transmission systems for over 50 years.

higher precision

We use Klingelnberg and Gleason gear grinding machines, and all of our workers are experienced and industry certified. The spiral bevel gear sets produced after grinding can typically achieve DIN Class 4.

wide production range

We can produce spiral bevel gear sets up to 38 modules, with a maximum diameter of 2200mm, and there are no restrictions on the materials and heat treatment methods required by our customers.

longer service life

We only use raw materials from well-known steel mills to forge the gear blanks, and each process undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that our spiral bevel gear sets can serve various industries for a longer period.

lower noise

With every pair of spiral bevel gear sets produced in our factory, you will only hear the sound of wind even when they are meshing and rotating at speeds of up to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

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