Custom ground tooth spiral bevel gear set

We typically perform gear surface grinding on the produced spiral bevel gear sets, resulting in the following advantages:

High Precision: These gear sets are manufactured using advanced grinding techniques, ensuring exceptional precision in tooth profiles and engagement. This leads to smooth and efficient power transmission.

Quiet Operation: The precise tooth geometry and accurate meshing of the gears lead to reduced noise levels during operation, making them suitable for applications requiring low noise output.

Increased Load Capacity: The superior tooth contact and surface quality achieved through grinding enhance the load-carrying capacity, enabling these gear sets to handle higher torque and loads.

Durability: Ground tooth spiral bevel gears exhibit better wear resistance and a longer service life compared to gears produced using traditional methods. This durability is crucial for minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

Efficiency: The accurate tooth profiles and optimized meshing contribute to higher overall efficiency, improving energy utilization and achieving long-term cost savings.

ground tooth spiral bevel gear

Why customize Ground spiral bevel gears from Chamol?

Broad Dimensional Range

Our ZDCY YK20160 seven-axis five-linkage CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine can grind spiral bevel gears with a maximum diameter of 1600mm, a maximum face module of up to 40, and a maximum gear ratio of 10:1.

Advanced Equipment:

We are equipped with 17 CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machines, including 3 Gleason Phoenix 275G and 3 Gleason Phoenix 800G full CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machines.

High Precision:

Through gear surface grinding, we can achieve precision levels up to DIN Class 3 for spiral bevel gear sets. We have maintained a competitive edge in high-precision applications.

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