Bevel gears

We custom production high quality bevel gears, accuracy up to DIN class 3, and a maximum pitch diameter of 1720mm.

ground tooth spiral bevel gear set

China leading custom bevel gear manufacturer

Chamol is committed to custom manufacturing high-precision bevel gears, creating outstanding value for customers through a professional, precise, and reliable production process.

With unparalleled production advantages in gear cutting, heat treatment and grinding, we can meet your diverse size and precision requirements, whether you need spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears, or hypoid gears.

Our technical and manufacturing teams, with decades of experience in various complex applications of bevel gears, quickly understand your specific needs. No matter how demanding your application, we can customize high-quality bevel gears that perfectly match your equipment.

We have a great advantage in the field of large-size steel bevel gears and ground bevel gears. While working with Chamol, you will continue to experience our professionalism and be pleasantly surprised. 


  • Hobbing
  • Milling
  • Shaping
  • Broaching
  • Carburizing & nitriding
  • Tooth grinding
  • CNC lathe
  • Forging
  • 5-axis machining
spiral bevel gear set

Types of bevel gears we manufacture

spiral bevel gear set

Spiral bevel gear

Chamol specializes in machining spiral bevel gear sets of Gleason tooth type, with a maximum cutting diameter of up to 1720mm.

ground spiral bevel gear

Ground spiral bevel gear

Chamol possesses 17 state-of-the-art spiral bevel gear grinders, including 6 from the Gleason brand, capable of grinding with a max. diameter of up to 1600mm.

straight bevel gear

Straight bevel gear

Chamol is capable of producing straight bevel gears with modules ranging from 1 to 30, with a maximum cutting outer diameter of 1800mm and a maximum grinding outer diameter of 1280mm.

hypoid gear

Hypoid bevel gear

Chamol is capable of cutting hypoid gears with modules ranging from 1 to 28, and the maximum grinding module is 20.

manufacturing capacity

Chamol hasg extensive industry experience and advanced equipment, committed to custom manufacturing high-quality bevel gears. We are equipped with a range of CNC machines, gear cutting equipments, grinding machines, and heat treatment centers to meet various specifications and shapes of bevel gear requirements. Our strong manufacturing capabilities support both prototype manufacturing and large-scale production.

Quality control

bevel gear 3D drawing
testing bevel gear

Our bevel gear production process undergoes stringent quality control to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. We rigorously adhere to production specifications for each step and utilize advanced inspection equipment to examine both the process and the results. This is done to guarantee the precision and reliability of the gears.


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