Fight the epidemic together with the government

Table of Contents

1. Home isolation

In the early days of COVID-19, except for some unique positions, the government required everyone to stay at home and avoid going out. We have temporarily formulated the “Guidelines for Employee Actions during the Epidemic.” Except for employees responsible for factory inspections and maintenance, we recommend that all employees stay at home to avoid going out. Business and technical employees continue to use email and phone calls at home to serve customers in need. Serve. Of course, we still pay 100% of salaries to all employees.

2. Not participating in the assembly

We usually organize group events, such as large gatherings, as a vigorous and cohesive company. After the epidemic outbreak, we actively responded to the government’s call to refuse gatherings and canceled all group events to reduce crowd contact. . At the same time, we also required our employees to stay away from crowded areas and not attend multi-person gatherings.

3. Sports Fitness

A healthy body can increase immunity to more effectively resist the COVID-19 virus infection. In response to the government’s national fitness initiative, we remodeled the company’s internal gym, adding five treadmills and three sets of table tennis equipment. Organize sports competitions through the Keep app (an app for sports and fitness data recording) and give bonuses and prizes. Maintaining sufficient exercise volume has become Chamol’s culture.

4. Vaccination

On December 8, 2020, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration released a message to approve the COVID-19 vaccines BRII-196 and BRII-198 developed by Brii Bio as drugs for the treatment of mild COVID-19 and to be injected for all Chinese citizens free of charge. We immediately organized all employees to vaccinate. Of course, after the vaccination does not mean that we have given up conventional preventive measures.

5. Nucleic acid detection

To more effectively control the spread of the epidemic, the government has set up many nucleic acid testing sites. We regularly organize our employees to perform nucleic acid testing and use the company’s special fund to pay for the testing. Employees who have left the city where they live immediately go to the designated place for nucleic acid testing after returning and record the test results.

6. Information reporting

On the premise of not infringing on the privacy of employees, we always pay attention to the activity areas of all employees, including whether they have left the city where they live, whether they have been in a town with an epidemic, whether they have participated in a large gathering of people, record and send information to the local government Report. By questioning and measuring employees every day, we can understand the health status of employees in time and record data. For employees whose body temperature is higher than 37.2℃, we will immediately take countermeasures and report to the government.

7. Community

We actively participate in community activities and make continuous efforts for the harmony and sustainable development of the community. Starting in February 2020, Chamol has donated RMB 75,000 in epidemic prevention materials and fitness equipment to the community. We work closely with community neighborhood committees to actively promote epidemic prevention knowledge and encourage residents to respond to government initiatives and comply with all regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

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