Efficient production in the epidemic

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In the face of the current epidemic situation, to ensure average internal production and supply chain safety, we have formulated specific prevention and control measures, a sound working mechanism, hierarchical division of responsibilities, and a strict and efficient work attitude to go all out. Do an excellent job in epidemic prevention and control and production and operation. Since the resumption of work in March 2020, the epidemic has affected our production and delivery.

1. Response and deployment

To ensure that average production is not affected by the epidemic, we immediately attached importance to epidemic prevention when the epidemic began. Chamol established an epidemic prevention and control team and formulated specific and easy-to-implement epidemic prevention and control measures first to ensure the safety of all employees. Only by providing the health of each of our members can we ensure that production plans and efficiency are not disrupted.

2. Pay close attention to the development of the epidemic

We always pay attention to the domestic and international epidemic situation through the news and media and strictly control employees’ going out. We will limit the scope of business travel to safe areas within 300KM, do not take public transportation, and guarantee the same-day return. We only conduct business contacts via telephone and email for regions where the epidemic has occurred and those far away.

3. Procurement of items

As we all know, the circulation of goods can also cause COVID-19 to infect people. We readjusted suppliers for the procurement of office supplies, anti-epidemic materials, production raw materials, production tools, daily necessities, and food. We strictly reviewed them to ensure the absolute safety of the goods in the source and circulation links. For conventional items, the quantity of a single purchase is twice as much as before to reduce the frequency of purchases.

4. Supply Chain Management

Even if we do well in the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, we may not guarantee that production will not be affected. Because once the supply chain is frustrated, we will face difficulties. Therefore, we have expanded the scope of supplier screening and implemented strict control, which includes the location of suppliers, the range of employee activities, product packaging materials, and cargo transportation. In addition, we have expanded our inventory, which includes the quantity and type of merchandise. Even in the face of complex procurement, we can ensure that the production can normally run to prevent customers’ production from being affected.

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