Contribution to the fight against the epidemic

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During Spring Festival 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic spread across the country, and the changes in the epidemic affect the hearts of everyone in the country. CHAMOL has never stopped assisting in various forms and within its capacity on the battlefield where the current outbreak is raging. Always pay attention to changes in the epidemic, and do our best to help prevent and control the outbreak.

We actively donate to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Through the company’s internal fundraising, the company’s special public welfare fund was allocated, and a total of 97.58CNY rushed to fight the outbreak. The funds are donated to the affected areas through the Dafeng Charity Fund. To meet the needs of the medical frontline, all funds are used for material procurement and sent to the frontline of the anti-epidemic through hiring a logistics company. Up to now, Chamol has completed the purchase of 2,700 barrels of disinfectant and 8,240 pieces of isolation clothing and protective clothing. It has also donated a large number of food, daily necessities, and other daily necessities to the frontline personnel of the epidemic. These materials have been in Wuhan University People’s Hospital, Wuhan Central Hospital, Jinyintan Hospital, Hubei Province Women and Children, Huanggang Central Hospital, Xiangyang First People’s Hospital, and other institutions were put into use.

After the outbreak, Chamol established an epidemic response working group to strictly prevent and control the hidden dangers of the epidemic, ensure the health of employees, maintain the orderly operation of the company, and provide public welfare assistance to the epidemic area; establish a response to the epidemic communication and publicity mechanism through emails and corporate WeChat, Enterprise Official Accounts and other multi-platforms, promptly release epidemic prevention notices, publicize epidemic prevention knowledge, raise awareness of epidemic prevention and control of all employees, and establish a mechanism for collecting and tracking epidemic prevention information for employees. The material procurement team is responsible for finding and screening channels to purchase medical materials for the company’s internal epidemic prevention, such as masks, thermometers, disinfectants, etc. These will be provided to employees for use after the holiday. Virus protection and health protection; Allocate Chamol charity foundation and organize the whole staff to raise funds to assist the people in the epidemic area.

The various epidemic prevention and control measures that Chamol took for the first time were swift and active. We use social responsibilities and responsibilities to serve the society and use stable production to ensure the regular operation of national industries, fully demonstrating the demeanor and connotation of Chinese enterprises. Chamol will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic, join hands with all social forces, and work together with the people of the whole country to defeat the epidemic.

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