Chamol won the title of “National Green Factory” in 2021

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the list of green factories in 2021. Wuxi Chamol Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Chamol) was selected as a “National Green Factory.” It is Chamol’s in-depth practice of new development concepts and accelerated green industrial development. The gratifying results achieved marked the establishment of Chamol’s green factory and earned a “zero breakthrough.”

A green factory should meet specific basic requirements, including compliance, related party requirements, and essential management responsibilities for top managers and factories. On this basis, the construction and evaluation of green factories put forward comprehensive and systematic needs from six dimensions of factory infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, products, environmental emissions, and performance, including 6 first-level indicators and 25 Secondary indicators. Infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, products, and ecological emissions include a series of qualitative or quantitative indicators that characterize the green factory creation process. A series of quantitative indicators of the effect achieved during the factory period by the principles mentioned above and goals of green factory creation is represented by quantifiable characteristic indicators of land intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, recycling of waste, and low-carbon energy.

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