Chamol signed a 《Strategic cooperation agreement with Henan Mining Group》

Strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony

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On April 4, Henan Mining and Wuxi Chamol Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a 2022 strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties had an in-depth exchange of views on the development of the crane industry, the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and strategic cooperation and reached a high degree of consensus. Hu Yongtang, vice president of Henan Mining, Feng Shuangyang, general manager, and Xu Bin, general manager of Chamol Industrial Standard Gearbox Division, led the team to attend the signing ceremony. Henan Mining and Chamol are long-term strategic partners. After this strategic signing, the two parties will integrate their respective resource advantages, focus on key fields such as metallurgy, mining (including coal), ports, military industry, hydraulic engineering, etc., carry out multi-level cooperation, and establish a solid and close strategic partnership. Henan Mine is in a critical period of strategic transformation from strong to refined. In the future, Chamol will continue to integrate more advantageous resources, strengthen the research and development cooperation of heavy-duty industrial gearboxes, enhance core competitiveness, and devote itself to helping industrial customers develop intelligently, green and high-quality.

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