Chamol has completed the repair of damaged gearboxes of well-known cement plants in China

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Some time ago, Chamaol was approached by a company affiliated with a well-known Chinese cement group. One of their gearboxes, operating for 10 years, was experiencing severe vibration and abnormal noise. The Chamol team immediately responded by sending technical engineers to the customer site to check the gearbox’s condition. After collecting field data, spectrum analysis, and other professional condition monitoring methods, it was determined that the input bevel gear shaft of the gearbox had broken teeth.

Customer’s running gearbox

Chamol technical engineers checked the equipment conditions (temperature, abnormal noise, spectrum detection). The operating temperature of the reducer was 57.8 °C, and there were regular strange noises in the reducer. After the spectrum detection, the spectrum waveform was calculated and analyzed to determine the input. The bevel shaft may have broken teeth.

Therefore, the Chamol technical engineer opened the gearbox on-site, observed the hole cover, and found that the input bevel gear shaft was broken.

Although the damage to the gearbox was found, the customer could not stop for a long time for maintenance. In response to this situation, the WELTER technical engineer, Chamol, immediately gave a solution, that is, to ensure that the equipment continues to operate stably and that there is enough time to wait for the arrival of spare parts:

  • Start of production program for new bevel gears to replace damaged bevel gears.
  • Salvage the broken tooth block in the reducer to prevent damage to other components.
  • Perform coloring inspection on the input bevel gear shaft to find other crack sources.
  • Polish and grind the crack on the tooth surface to avoid further expansion of the crack source.
  • Urge customers to avoid frequently starting and stopping equipment to prevent further impact on broken teeth.
  • Control of the material of the mill, and an excellent working condition of the mill can effectively protect the operation of the reducer.
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