Why manufacture with Chamol?

After decades of capital investment and mergers and acquisitions, Chamol can produce almost the entire process of straight edge and spiral bevel gears in-house and maintains leadership in size range and accuracy. Our production team has decades of experience and knowledge in the material, production, heat treatment, and application of bevel gears, making us a world-class bevel gear problem solver.

A broad product range and extensive experience equip us to serve numerous industries, spanning a highly diverse customer base, creating products that match your application and delivery needs while ensuring cost-effective reliability and longevity of unique bevel gear.


Excellent manufacturing capability

forging gear blank


By utilizing different forging techniques, we aim to minimize material waste, increase material strength and density, and reduce potential defects to produce more robust and durable gears.

turning bevel gear blank


Chamol gears’ blanks undergo precision turning after the forging process, where we employ CNC machines and precise measurements to control geometric dimensions accurately.

bevel gear cutting tooth

Gear cutting

We possess cutting-edge gear cutting machines, with Gleason being the primary one. Therefore, for customized production of bevel gears, we adopt the Gleason gear generation method. Our outstanding and efficient gear cutting processes maintain our competitive edge in the industry.

bevel gear heat treatment

Heat treatment

Chamol boasts an excellent heat treatment workshop and extensive knowledge of heat treatment processes. All heat treatments are conducted in-house to ensure that gear hardness meets our customers’ requirements for any type of material.

grinding bevel gear


Whether bevel gears or cylindrical gears, we can produce gears with DIN class 4 precision, and in some cases, even reach DIN class 3 precision. Our primary gear grinding machines are also Gleason models.

inspection bevel gear


We have a dedicated temperature-controlled gear inspection center with a systematic inspection process and standards in place. From raw material input to final delivery, each detail undergoes rigorous inspection and is traceable back to its source.


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