Advantages of spiral bevel gears compared to straight bevel gears

Compared with straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears have the following advantages in engineering applications:

  • 1. The contact ratio is increased; the overlap coefficient is increased. Since the tooth line of the spiral bevel gear is curved, at least two or more teeth are in contact at the same time during the transmission process. As a result of overlapping alternating contacts, shocks are reduced, transmission is smooth, and noise is reduced.
  • 2. Due to the relationship of the helix angle, the overlap coefficient increases, so the load-specific pressure decreases, the wear is more uniform, the load capacity of the gear is correspondingly increased, and the use of the gear is increased.
  • 3. A large transmission ratio can be achieved, and the number of teeth of the small wheel can be as few as five.
  • 4. The radius of the cutter head can be adjusted, and the curvature of the tooth line can correct the contact area.
  • 5. The tooth surface can be ground to reduce noise, improve the contact area and improve the tooth surface finish. Due to the helical angle of the tooth line, the spiral bevel gear generates axial force in the transmission, and the appropriate bearing is selected when it is adopted.

Hypoid gears not only have the advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned spiral bevel gears but also have the following advantages compared with spiral bevel gears:

hypoid bevel gear
  • 1. Due to the offset of the axis of the pinion gear, the helix angle of the bevel gear is increased to about 50 degrees, resulting in a significant increase in the diameter of the pinion gear, which can further enhance the strength and rigidity of the pinion gear.
  • 2. Since there is relative sliding along the direction of tooth length and height, the tooth surface wears evenly. It is easier to grind after heat treatment, improves the contact area, improves the tooth surface finish, and reduces gear noise.
  • 3. The overlap coefficient of the spiral bevel gear transmission is more significant than that of the intersecting axis, so it is more stable, and the positive pressure on the tooth surface is smaller.
  • 4. The offset of the axis position can be used to lower the car’s center of gravity to increase stability, and it can also be used to improve the body’s height and increase the off-road performance of the vehicle.

If your application would benefit from the smooth, quiet operation of the Chamol spiral bevel gears or straight bevel gears, contact an expert today.

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