In modern economic society, honesty is a moral standard and a vital resource that benefits us. To a certain extent, it is more important than material resources and human resources. Shaping and adhering to corporate integrity as the core value of corporate culture has a substantial stimulating effect on the formation of unique cultural characteristics that support the company’s healthy development and promote the company’s progress from excellence to excellence.

1. Integrity is the spiritual driving force to improve productivity

Employees are the most active factor in productivity and the only creative main factor in productivity. No matter how good a management system is, employees are required to implement and operate it. Therefore, our integrity building is fundamentally determined by the integrity of the individual employees, and building an honest team is the guarantee for promoting the construction of our integrity system. Shaping corporate integrity as a core value is to attach great importance to employees’ productivity. Through spiritual charisma, all our partners treat each other sincerely, highly recognize and support our business philosophy, and enable our products to be further released and developed.

2. Integrity is a bridge to promote effective communication between enterprises

For us, the subject of management is people, and the human factor is the key to our success. All management issues are communication issues. The bevel gear industry has diversity in the development process, determining effective communication’s breadth, inclusiveness, and depth. The deeper the development of the sector, the more effective communication, and guidance are required. Communication is the release of ideas and concepts, and co-workers are honest, friendly, live in harmony, and unite and help each other. Integrity is an essential function of self-management and self-regulation in the bevel gear industry. It is also a necessary condition and motivation to promote the progress of the gear industry. We have an open culture environment that likes to communicate, and colleagues will respect each other more, inspiring creativity and ownership of employees.

3. Integrity is the cornerstone of our survival and development

Cohesion is an important symbol of corporate vitality and vitality, and corporate integrity is the source of enhancing corporate cohesion. On the one hand, as the core value of corporate culture, integrity can extract the excellent quality that we have formed in the long-term development and become a value standard recognized and abided by all company employees. It helps to upgrade the simple emotion of employees at all levels to the company. A strong sense of responsibility and pride transforms the intuitive awareness of dedication into the conscious actions of employees, thereby enhancing our vitality and vitality. On the other hand, external integrity can form a vast attraction, thereby continuously winning opportunities for entrepreneurship and development, and credibility will continue to increase. The external integrity of the bevel gear industry needs to be realized by all employees. Employees in each position need to do their work and treat customers, colleagues, and society sincerely.

4. Integrity is the basis to get the most profit

Our survival and development are based on obtaining economic benefits. More capital can be invested in more excellent production, and the true and lasting economic benefits come from honest management. With the rapid development of the bevel gear industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality and service quality. High-end products with economic value have become the core of the bevel gear industry. In this case, we can only guarantee in-depth communication with customers in the customer relationship management center only on the premise of honest service. Only by creating simple and efficient work in the enterprise’s internal management can we stimulate employees’ enthusiasm, improve production efficiency, and ensure the quality of products and services.

A corporate culture of integrity, inclusion, and excellence can promote the common development of companies, employees, customers, and society.

—— CEO Zhang Liianghua

Diversity and Inclusion

We first built a diverse corporate culture and then created an inclusive culture, seeing their progressive relationship and evolution sequence. Building an inclusive corporate culture is very conducive to building a trusting corporate environment. We speak freely and respect each other; it is easy to create an environment that breaks departmental barriers; over time, trust in the company will be established and strengthened, and feedback to work will further promote the progress of the work and the tolerance between tolerance. The company’s internal operating mechanism has entered a positive cycle, and employees are happier at work.

An inclusive corporate culture can improve the sense of belonging and integration of young junior employees. Because they are listened to and respected, young junior employees are more confident; in active work and communication, young junior employees are more willing to accept the guidance of senior employees to improve their work skills faster. Young people will be more inclined to contribute to such a team, and the sense of collective honor will increase day by day.

An inclusive corporate culture can help senior employees become more open-minded, more willing to listen to the suggestions of junior employees, and willing to work better with junior employees. Senior employees often move in an atmosphere of equality, openness, and tolerance by junior employees’ work results that exceed expectations.

Because of the inclusive corporate culture, we are more willing to listen to the suggestions of all parties in our work, and we have formed a working method of thoroughly discussing and verifying before making a decision. But it does not mean endless discussions and verifications. Delays in making decisions will make the company lose good market opportunities. Company executives will grasp the scale, set key time nodes, converge the scope of discussion, and make decisions quickly, To advance the progress of the project and work.

An inclusive corporate culture is more suitable for the requirements of modern companies and employees, but we need to avoid its inefficient side and maximize the positive advantages. This also requires the joint efforts of all our employees.


Excellence is the persistent pursuit of better products and services. We always pursue excellent work quality, challenge the extreme, strive to achieve self-improvement and self-transcendence, and do our best to provide customers with better products and services.

To establish an excellent corporate culture, people are the most important resource. Therefore, we need to give full play to the role of people, love our own business, do our own job well, and constantly innovate in our work, so that the company and individuals develop together.

At chamol, whether it is the CEO or the team leader, we require all managers to have good learning ability and enthusiasm for learning because excellent companies require excellent leaders, and managers must continue to improve their professional functions and management level.

At chamol, whether it is the CEO or the team leader, we require all managers to have good learning ability and enthusiasm for learning because excellent companies require excellent leaders, and managers must continue to improve their professional functions and management level.

We try our best to reduce the information asymmetry within the company, so efficient communication between all employees is required. Our internal transmission of correct values and cash technology is not through command but equal communication. At the same time, we have created a complete training system to enhance employees’ working ability and broaden their horizons through efficient communication.

We value talents and use an advanced management system to discover the skills of employees. A perfect training system can enhance the skills of employees. By giving full play to the skills of employees, we can develop better. We strive to build ourselves into creators and users of skills.

We always regard our employees as the company’s valuable assets and the lifeline of the company’s future, and we are proud of having a high-quality team of employees. We provide employees with the best salary, benefits, and development space within our capacity.

We strive to help employees improve their work skills, plan their career development, and overcome their shortcomings. We achieve this goal through an advanced management system and encourage mutual assistance among employees. Through extensive internal mutual assistance, let all employees develop together.

We have always insisted on a win-win situation with all stakeholders, and unilateral benefit is not suitable for our long-term development. Within us, we will not unilaterally demand employee loyalty or selfless dedication. We strive to improve employee happiness to achieve a win-win situation for employees and the company.

To give full play to the talents of our employees, we strive to inspire their enthusiasm. This includes enthusiasm for work, learning, innovation, and yearning for a better life.