Powering the world since 1968.


Wuxi First Gear Factory was established, as the first state-owned bevel gear factory in Wuxi, specializing in producing bevel gears for the military industry.


After completing the transformation from public ownership to private ownership, Chamol became a 100% privately held company, but there was no change in its business. The theme name is Suzhou Lianghua Gear Co., Ltd.


The wholly-owned acquisition of Suzhou Shunfa Gear Factory, the addition of all the equipment and employees of Shunfa Gear Factory, and the improvement of equipment and production methods increased the original production capacity to 230%.


Moving to a new workshop and combining two production bases, the plant area has been expanded to 25,000 square meters, and the production efficiency and capacity have been greatly improved.


Improve the employee training system, and the apprenticeship-based training and assessment mechanism has become the company’s main employee growth channel.


We were merged with Hunan Ai Rui Gear Co., Ltd., maintaining the original organizational system, mainly producing heavy industry bevel gears with a diameter over 500 mm.


We established Jiangsu Shunda Foundry Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Wuxi Kaixuan Machinery Co., Ltd.,.


The complete introduction of the CIS system has opened a new journey for Chamol’s cultural development and corporate image display.


The equipment is updated to grind bevel gears with a diameter of 3.2m and a modulus of 40, and the accuracy can reach ISO level 3.


We have established a technology development department to make breakthrough progress in surface hardening treatment and fatigue resistance.


Co-established Gear Transmission Research Institute with the local government to research bevel gear meshing theory, modern gear design, and advanced manufacturing technology.


Completed the transformation of 2800T forging automatic production line, replacing the original forging production line, and improving production efficiency and generating effect.


With the introduction of the ERP system, the company’s operations have entered the digital age in an all-around way.


After completing the company-wide share adjustment, all employees who have worked for more than one year have obtained the company’s shares. While improving employee benefits, it is also a great measure to promote the sustainable development strategy.


The Hunan production base produced the first batch of manual transmissions for super sports cars, which can meet the speed requirements of 500km/h for sports cars.


Started the school-enterprise cooperation plan, and sign the talent strategic cooperation agreement with the three universities. The majors include gear design and production, mechanical automation, business management, finance, marketing, and computer six majors.


We acquired 63% of the shares of Suzhou Wantong Heat Treatment Co., Ltd., which improved the heat treatment capacity of gears and began to provide heat treatment services for the domestic market.


The completion of the second employee equity reform has further increased employees’ power of supervision and advice during the operation of the enterprise.


Hosting the China Automation Industry Annual Conference has promoted exchanges for China’s automation industry.


Obtained the right to import and export and provided bevel gear customization services for the global market. The export company was renamed Wuxi Chamol Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Actively promote the implementation of the 3060 targets, complete the transformation of the energy system, build 20,000 photovoltaic power generation areas, and add 660,000 kW·h of clean energy every month.