General Rules of Supplier Human Resources

General Rules of Supplier Human Resources

All personnel should be assigned to related posts according to their education, training, skills, and experience to ensure that the personnel engaged in the quality, environment, occupational health and safety, social responsibility, and other related professions are competent for their post requirements.

Social Responsibility

Labor employment

  1. The cooperative suppliers shall establish a labor contract management account, recording the labor and employment status of the unit and the basic information of the workers
  2. In the process of recruitment and employment, suppliers shall check the ID cards of the applicants and keep copies of the ID cards
  3. A cooperative supplier shall not recruit minors under the age of 16. Juvenile workers shall not be arranged to engage in work that is toxic or harmful, work with Grade IV physical Labour intensity as defined by the State, or other positions that they should avoid
  4. The cooperative supplier shall establish a labor relationship with the laborer from the date of employment and shall conclude a written labor contract with the laborer by relevant laws and regulations;
  5. Before signing a labor contract to the supplier shall truthfully introduce the rules and regulations of this unit, working conditions, work content, labor remuneration, working place, production safety conditions, etc., will work might have an occupational hazard and its consequences in the process of faithfully inform the laborer, occupational disease prevention measures and treatment, and clear in the labor contract;
  6. In case of dissolving or terminating the labor contract with the laborer, the cooperative supplier shall issue a valid certificate of dissolving or removing the labor contract, specify the time of dissolving or terminating the labor contract and send it to the laborer
  7. The post exposed to occupational-disease-inductive factors should undergo an occupational health examination before employment and determine whether the worker can work according to the medical examination result. Before leaving the office, the occupational health examination should be carried out, and the medical records should be kept long.

Forced Labor Cooperation

The supplier shall not arrange for employees to engage in forced labor and shall not require employees to pay a deposit or retain the original valid identity documents during the period of employment

Health and safety cooperation

Suppliers shall specify the configuration and use standards of personal protective equipment according to national and local standards and industrial standards and the requirements of Baosteel and shall equip it as required. To ensure the health of employees working in the open air or during severe weather (including high temperature), the relevant regulations of the government shall be implemented. The cooperating supplier shall establish and maintain occupational health records, regularly test and evaluate the occupational-disease-inductive factors, conduct health monitoring (occupational health examination) for the occupational-disease-inductive factor contacts and inform the employees of the results. For workers suffering from occupational contraindications, the cooperative supplier shall transfer them from the relevant work post.


Suppliers shall not engage in or support any discrimination based on sex, disability, ethnicity, geography, religion, etc., in recruitment, pay, training, employment, dismissal, or retirement.

Working Hours and Turnover

Suppliers shall comply with relevant working hours stipulated by laws and industry standards. Collaborating with suppliers shall maintain the stability of the workforce.

Compensation and Benefit

Cooperation, The Supplier shall establish a standard compensation management system and have an operational mechanism to increase employee income continuously. The cooperative suppliers shall pay the workers monthly wages in currency and overtime wages by national regulations. The minimum wage of employees shall be in line with the rules of the provinces and cities where they are located. The cooperative suppliers shall pay all kinds of social insurance benefits in full and on time according to the relevant regulations of the national and local governments. Suppliers shall provide primary living conditions for employees in dormitories, bathrooms, canisters, and other facilities.

Competence, training, and awareness

  1. Collaborate with suppliers to clarify the required competence requirements for all personnel engaged in related professional work that affects product quality, environment, occupational health and safety, social responsibility, etc.
  2. Cooperate with the supplier to provide training for all work personnel engaged in quality, environment, occupational health and safety, social responsibility and other related fields to ensure that the staff in this position can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that the required requirements are met


  1. The cooperative supplier evaluates the effectiveness of the training using various appropriate methods
  2. By training employees’ abilities and awareness, the cooperative supplier will make employees realize the relevance and importance of their work and all related majors, such as quality, environment, occupational health and safety, social responsibility, etc., so as to ensure their contribution to the realization of management objectives
  3. The personnel engaged in special operations, according to the needs of the necessary knowledge, should be able to assess. For the product designer, the corresponding qualification requirements are clear, and the ability to apply the corresponding tools and technology.
  4. Maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills, and experience

Job Requirements

The supplier should work together to establish precise job requirements for each position. Job requirements should specify the job content, job authority, knowledge and skills, and health status requirements

Senior Managers

The top management cooperation supplier’s main person-in-charge (legal representative) shall have the corresponding qualifications such as the nationally recognized safety management qualification certificate and special fire safety training certificate.

Operation managers

Operation managers cooperate with suppliers’ management personnel (including the main person in charge and the safety production management personnel) must have the safety management qualification certificate recognized by the State, and the fire management personnel should obtain the professional qualification certificate of fire management; The monitoring personnel of the fire alarm system controller shall obtain the professional qualification certificate of the building fireman


Workers should have valid qualification certificates that meet the job requirements.

Special equipment operators and special operators

The cooperating supplier shall clarify the post requirements of special equipment operators and special operators. Special equipment operators and special operation personnel shall have valid qualification certificates stipulated by the State and industry.


Collaborating suppliers shall establish and maintain documented procedures to identify and implement training requirements according to job requirements. The personnel engaged in special equipment and special operation personnel shall be qualified according to the required education, training, and experience. Appropriate training records shall be maintained. Special attention should be paid to meeting specific customer requirements.

Cooperation suppliers should provide job training for new employees, job changes, or job contents and conditions change. All employees of cooperating suppliers shall receive 72 class hours of three-level safety education training before taking up their posts, and the retraining time shall not be less than 20 class hours per year; The personnel who work in Chamol shall receive safety education from Chamol. The new cooperative personnel shall pass the safety production knowledge evaluation and skill test organized by the training institution (or authorized) of Chamol.

Staff Motivation and Cooperation

Supplier shall advocate and encourage employees to make efforts to achieve management objectives, achieve continuous improvement, and create a positive environment to promote the improvement of safety, environmental protection, quality, cost awareness, and professional and technical level of all employees. Collaborating suppliers should have a corresponding incentive mechanism to encourage employees to participate in on-site improvement activities such as rationalization and discussion to achieve work objectives and continuous improvement. Collaborating suppliers should ensure that their personnel is aware of the relevance and importance of their work.

Disciplinary measures

Suppliers shall: establish clear procedures and standards for the management of penalties. Do not commit or support physical punishment, emotional coercion, or verbal abuse. When dealing with employees who violate disciplines, the withholding of wages shall not violate relevant national and local laws and regulations and shall ensure that the minimum wage of employees conforms to the rules of the provinces and cities where they are located


The supplier shall undertake to uphold the human rights of its employees by internationally recognized norms, observe the basic policies of JISCO employees, and treat them with dignity and respect. Supplier shall comply with local laws and regulations, provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and employment applicants, and guarantee promotion opportunities, compensation, training, transfer, leave, and other rights and benefits related to work assignment. All job evaluations should be based on performance and job-related qualifications and abilities. Supplier shall not tolerate any harassment, physical punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse of any employee based on race, color, religion, belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis protected by law. The supplier shall not discriminate against employees in the process of recruitment and employment (such as salary, promotion, reward, and training opportunities) based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender performance, race or nationality, disability, pregnancy, religious belief, political faction, community membership, military service status, protected genetic information or marital status, Employees should not be forced to accept medical examination or physical examination that may have discriminatory purposes. Child Labour or Forced Labour shall not be used at any stage of production or operation. Work arrangements and payment shall be by local laws, including governing minimum wages, overtime, and statutory benefits. Supplier shall respect the legal rights of all employees to voluntarily form and join trade unions, conduct collective bargaining and peaceful assembly, and refuse to participate in such activities.