Fundamental Policies of Sustainable Development

Establish the leading position in terms of bevel gear technologies, and improve the value contribution of technical innovation.

To be the best practitioner of environmental friendliness

Strictly observe national energy conservation and environmental protection laws, regulations, and standards and perform the international environmental convention. Complying with environmental protection laws and regulations is our minimum standard;

Implement the strictest internal control standards, improve production processes, optimize the energy structure, reduce energy consumption, lower energy cost, and continually reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact by the enterprise and in the course of product use;

Ensure that no substance harmful to the environment and health prohibited by relevant laws and regulations is added deliberately. Meanwhile, reduce the detrimental impact on the environment caused by-products within their service life;

Promote the reduction, reuse, and reclamation of industrial wastes and help the cyclic utilization of urban wastes;

Give priority to suppliers and subcontractors with good environmental protection performance, improve the consciousness and performance of suppliers in terms of sustainable development, actively provide green solutions for customers, and devote itself to jointly building a green industrial chain;

Promote continuous improvement of partners in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection management and performance, issue product environmental statement based on life cycle assessment, publicize the ecological performance of core products to facilitate customers and other interested parties to compare impact during full life circle of different products;

Develop and promote products and systems with high energy efficiency and high resource efficiency, propel the R&D and promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies to share with users advanced ecological design concepts and technologies, and provide the society with products and services with excellent environmental performance;

Keep a watchful eye on climatic change, take an active part in domestic and overseas energy conservation and environmental protection exchange and cooperation, improve the ecological environment on the earth; actively cooperate with governments, enterprises and conduct international cooperation, carry out popularization and application of international research achievements, and achieve synchronous development with advanced energy conservation and environmental improvement technologies of various countries;

Improve the awareness of environmental protection and ecological harmony among employees, and promote environmentally friendly behaviors of employees in terms of work, life, social participation, etc.

To be an urban factory jointly building a remarkable life

  • Actively respond to urban ecological red line protection and planning implementation, continue to improve the environmental landscape of the industrial park, and synergistically improve the local environmental quality;
  • Actively respond to the city’s development strategy of resource conservation and environmental friendliness, and implement a positive mechanism for controlling the amount of resource consumption and pollution reduction;
  • Get into the swing of urban ecological civilization construction, and become an integral part of city service function and industrial culture;
  • Get into the swing of community co-construction, pay close attention to the opinions and requirements of interested parties, and seek harmonious development.

To be a corporate model of mutual development of employees and the company

Taking responsibility jointly: the enterprise and employees share joys and sorrows and together shoulder the burden related to employees’ growth and development; employees and the enterprise are a community of common destiny, and jointly shoulder the responsibility of enterprise in facing up to challenges and seeking sustainable development. Taking responsibility jointly is an essential basis for the mutual development of employees and the company.

Co-creating value: the enterprise provides a stage and environment to help employees realize the value of life; employees contribute to the enterprise to help the enterprise learn value maximization. Co-creating value is a prerequisite for the mutual development of employees and the company.

Sharing achievements: the enterprise and all employees create value share development achievements. The enterprise meets the material and cultural needs of its employees; employees and the enterprise share individual contributions and achievements to meet the needs of the enterprise for improving operational performance. Sharing achievements is the internal impetus for the mutual development of employees and the company.

Mutual promotion: the enterprise provides resources and platforms to promote improvement in skills and quality of employees; employees inspire their potentials up to the hilt to encourage the realization of the strategic target of the enterprise to improve capacity. Mutual promotion is the goal of the joint development of employees and the company.