a chinese worker is operating bevel gear cutting machine

about us

Chinese custom gear manufacturer with 56 years of experience.

As a leading Chinese custom bevel gear manufacturer, we possess unique advantages in fulfilling our mission of providing precise and reliable solutions to global original equipment manufacturers and industrial service companies. With exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment, we stand out in the industry.

our mission

At Chamol, efficiency, reliability, and value creation are our commitments. We embody these principles in every detail of our daily work, deeply ingrained in our culture, allowing us to be a stable source in the ever-evolving world of gear transmissions.

Chamol creates value for global industrial manufacturers and service providers at various stages of development.

We achieve this by:


Chamol continuously invests in state-of-the-art equipment to maintain a leading edge in manufacturing capabilities.


We prioritize the selection and development of our employees to ensure their alignment with our values and technological advancements.


We enforce strict quality control and inspection throughout the production process to deliver products of the highest quality.

about us

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chamol's work holding a spiral bevel gear

who we are

Chamol is a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in custom gear manufacturing, with a longstanding absolute advantage in the field of custom bevel gears.


Chamol can be traced back to as early as 1968, and throughout decades of competition, we have continuously adapted to the global development and changes, accumulating extensive service experience and expertise, and consistently maintaining a leading position.


With decades of cultural heritage, Chamol has fostered values of integrity, inclusivity, and excellence. These values guide us to stay vigilant and continuously progress in a complex and diverse world.


The right goal is the first step of our business. In the long development process, relying solely on successful experience will not allow us to maintain an advantage in the future competition. The desire for the future will enable us to go further. We continue to summarize our core competitiveness, strengthen our benefits, always be full of vitality, maintain a clear understanding of the market and the world, and be a company needed by the market and the world.

code of conduct

We strictly adhere to the law and are committed to creating a fair, positive, and sustainable business environment, and we require all suppliers to do the same.


Chamol is a socially responsible company that, during its ongoing development, consistently maintains harmonious relationships with the community and the environment, creating value for all stakeholders.