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China's leading custom manufacturer of bevel gears.


In Chamol, we turn your most complex ideas and designs into reality.

We combine unparalleled breadth and depth of end-market experience, technology, manufacturing capabilities, and expertise in gear transmission to assist global original equipment manufacturers and industrial service companies in achieving success. Our common goal is to generate a positive impact for each other, our communities, and the environment.

bevel gear and cylindrical gears


Customizing high-precision gears since 1968

Chamol aims to provide the most reliable and cost-effective gear drive products and services to the global market.

bevel gear

We can design gears for you, and if you want to save more time, we can also procure components and assemble them with the gears. Moreover, we are capable of independently manufacturing industrial gearboxes.

cylindrical gear

We can custom manufacture a variety of cylindrical gears, including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, gear racks, internal gears, and shaft gears. The processing methods include carburizing, oxidation, grinding, and nitriding.

spline shaft

We can independently manufacture spline shafts based on the customer’s design requirements, including both internal and external splines. Additionally, we usually perform spline cutting on gears as per the specifications.


We can design gears for you, and if you want to save more time, we can also procure components and assemble them with the gears. Moreover, we are capable of independently manufacturing industrial gearboxes.


Strong manufacturing capability keeps us ahead of the competition.


All gear blanks require forging as part of our manufacturing process. We adhere to strict quality management standards and utilize advanced forging techniques and equipment to ensure the metal flow and high density during the forging process of gear blanks. This enhances the strength and wear resistance of the gears, thereby extending their operational lifespan.

forging bevel gear blank
gear blank forging machine


Before gear tooth cutting, we utilize efficient and high-precision CNC machines to perform turning on all forged and inspected qualified gear blanks. This process ensures obtaining optimal surface quality and dimensional accuracy suitable for gear production.

turning bevel gear blank
bevel gear blank after turning

gear cutting

We specialize in custom manufacturing Gleason-type spiral bevel gears for industrial clients worldwide. Our primary gear-cutting equipment is the Gleason gear hobbing machine, we can produce spiral bevel gears with a maximum module of M30 and a maximum outer diameter of up to 1980mm.

gleason bevel gear machine
bevel gear tooth type
bevel gear cutting tooth processing

heat treatment

Chamol has an excellent heat treatment center where all heat treatment processes are conducted in-house. We have both pit-type and box-type heat treatment furnaces.

Our unparalleled expertise lies in carburizing and quenching of gears, allowing us to achieve precise control over surface hardness and core hardness while effectively managing the hardening layer’s depth and uniformity.

bevel gear under heat treatment
bevel gear heat treatment line

tooth grinding

Chamol has a unique advantage in gear grinding, thanks to our arsenal of 10 Gleason CNC gear grinding machines, 2 KAPP CNC gear grinding centers, 2 CNC gear shaping grinding machines, and dozens of other brand gear grinding machines.

grinding bevel gear
ground bevel gear


Chamol has a systematic inspection process, and we have established a physical and chemical laboratory as well as a temperature-controlled gear testing center. Every step of the gear production undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure that each delivered gear meets the highest quality standards.

gear inspection room
inspection bevel gear

Industries Chamol serves

We provide customized gear services to original equipment manufacturers and product companies in multiple end markets and industries, delivering value in an ever-changing era.